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Post COVID eCommerce Trends

November 3, 2021

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We’ve seen what eCommerce trends were going strong before COVID, and we’ve looked at the ones that occurred in the midst of it - now, let’s talk about the future.

In this episode, I'm sharing five eCommerce trends to keep your eye on as we transition back into "normal."





00:00 - eCommerce Trends
00:33 - 5 Post COVID eCommerce Trends
00:47 - 1. Increase in Subscription Services
01:57 - 2. Payment Options Matter More Than Ever
02:38 - 3. B2B Companies Need to Earn Their Online Customers
03:49 - 4. Brands Be Damned – the Best Websites Will Win
05:34 - 5. eCommerce Adoption Will Continue to Skyrocket



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