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Shopify Plus VS. Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento) - Feature Comparison 2022

May 30, 2022

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Unsure about which ecommerce platform to choose?

In this episode, we go over the main differences and selling points of Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento) and Shopify Plus, so you can decide which one fits your business needs best.





00:47 - Pricing
01:16 - Ease of Use
01:44 - Automatic Upgrades and Patches
02:12 - Technology (programming language)
03:06 - Customization
03:39 - Unlimited Products
04:08 - Manage Multiple Stores under one Admin Panel
05:05 - Inventory Management
05:25 - International Sales
05:55 - Progressive Web Application (PWA)
06:13 - Artificial Intelligence Search (Adobe Sensei)
06:51 - Product & Catalog Functionality
07:34 - Product Attributes
08:04 - Layered Navigation (Category Filters)
08:39 - Color Swatches
09:02 - Visual Merchandising
09:23 - Product Recommendations
09:50 - Built-in Promotions Engine
10:14 - Advanced SEO Capabilities & Customization
10:37 - B2B Features
10:57 - Handling Multiple Stores
11:05 - Pricing Per Customer Group
11:21 - Tier Pricing 11:28 - Requisition List
11:39 - B2B Quote & Approval Process
12:04 - Manage Teams & Hierarchy
12:22 - Custom Catalogs
12:38 - Order via CSV File
12:53 - Assigning Sales Representatives
13:10 - Store Credit
13:24 - Manage Quote Requests & Pricing Terms



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